Compare Camo Patterns in Many Backgrounds in Human and Deer Vision

Featured Gear - SKRE

Check out the Featured Hunting Camo from Skre Gear.  Three crucial pieces have been selected for Early, Mid and Late Season Hunts but there are many more find products to choose from, including the new Gardian Line designed for those cold long days. With a lifetime warranty, free size exchanges, high quality products and prices to fit almost any hunters budget, Skre is worth the look. Check them out or select your own here.  

Skre Gear
The Camo Matrix
The Camo Matrix

Compare over 75 Camo Patterns with just a few click.  You pick the background, you pick the patterns, you make the best decision.

The Camo Classifieds

If you have hunting gear that you don't use anymore that still can help fill the freezer, put money in your pocket and save someone else a few dollars, sell it and buy it here.

The Permission Letter

The permission letter was shared on The Meateater Podcast #096 and has been viewed over 46,000 times.  Add this method as part of your private land access tools.

Forloh - Undetectable but Searchable

DIY Hunting Blog

DIY tips and tools to help out any hunter that wants to have a hands on ecconomical attitude with hunting and your hunting related tasks or activities.

The Hunting DIY Blog
Sportsman/s Wearhouse
How to Guides
Preserving a Turkey Foot

Ever wondered what to do with those turkey feet?

Turkey Foot
How to Guides
Home Tanning a Deer Hide

For a few dollars and some elbow grease, you can tan your own deer hide.

Home Tanning
42 Patterns in the Whitetail Woods

See 42 Patterns in the whitetail woods in a late fall setting.

Turkey Camo
63 Patterns in Spring Turkey Season 

See 63 Hunting Camo Patterns in a Spring Green setting as you would see in a turkey hunting environment.

Elk Camo
63 Patterns in Early Season Elk Country with Deer Vision

See how 63 hunting camo patterns stack up in in a Rocky Mountain Elk hunting environment.

Watch the 24 Camo Pattern Videos

These videos compare 24 patterns from ASAT to UnderArmour Hunt in the Whitetail Woods, Farm Field Edges, Alpine Forest, Sage Covered Hillsides, Cornfields and Grasslands

24 Pattern Comparisons

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