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Preserving a Turkey Foor

Ever wondered what to do with those turkey feet?

Turkey Foot
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Home Tanning a Deer Hide

For a few dollars and some elbow grease, you can tan your own deer hide.

Home Tanning
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Hill Shade

Utilize Google Earth Hill Shade to Enhance your Digital Scouting

Hill Shade
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Cheap Euro Mount

Raid your medicine cabinet for cheap results.

Euro Skull
Hunting Tools
The Emergency Kit

Build your own kit.  Download the list here.

Emergency Kit
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Preserving Permissions

If you got permission to hunt a property, keep it!

Home Tanning

Multiple Camo Pattern Videos

42 Patterns in the Whitetail Woods

See 42 Patterns in the whitetail woods in a late fall setting.

Turkey Camo
63 Patterns in Spring Turkey Season 

See 63 Hunting Camo Patterns in a Spring Green setting as you would see in a turkey hunting environment.

Elk Camo
63 Patterns in Early Season Elk Country with Deer Vision

See how 63 hunting camo patterns stack up in in a Rocky Mountain Elk hunting environment.

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