Euro Mount Bleaching

Euro Mount 

 Cheap and Easy Euro Mount Bleaching

If you are looking for super cheap way to pull off a DIY euro mount I have a trick for you to save some cash.

If you have explored this process, you have probably seen a number of videos, read some other online directions but here is my take on the task.

My process is as this:

  • Skinning
    Skin out your skull the best you can. Remove the eyes, cut off as much meat as possible and remove the jaw. After the first skinning and scraping, the skull still will look like there is a ton of connective tissue and fat covering the surface along with muscle and brain hidden within the cavities of the skull.
  • Boil
    To loosen the remaining tissue, boil the skull for a good 30 minutes in plain water. This will break down fats, loosen the grip of tissue on the skull and make for an easier second scraping once the skull is cool enough to handle.
  • Pressure Washing
    After a second scraping, take a pressure washer to it and blow it into all the crevices, into the base of the skull where the brain is, into the nose cavity and nasal cavities.. Run the pressure washer over the skull until nothing else will come loose (if you don’t have a pressure washer, a car wash works great, just do it during low car was hours).
  • Second Scraping
    After the pressure washer, pull off the newly loosened flesh, muscle, tissue etc with a knife or pliers. Now let it dry out for a day or two in a secure place so the neighborhood dogs don’t run off with it.
    I hang mine on a chain out of reach from scavengers.
  • Third Scraping 
    After the skull dries out. Scrap, poke and pull everything you can out of the brain cavity, sinuses, ear canals (which you will need to break away). This may take a few sessions of work. I take rigid wire like a clothes hanger and make small hooks I can slip into cavities and pull out tissue and material from all the tight places.

The Creepy Tip

Now, for the Creepy Quick tip! Most people boil the skull again in several bottles of salon grade hair bleach peroxide where the bottles are 18 bucks a piece. This also can seep into the protection placed at the base of the antlers while boiling and bleach the antlers out.

I get two latex disposable gloves, because they stretch, and some electrical tape. I wrap the gloves very tightly around the antlers base and tape them in place making a good water proof seal where the antler comes out of the pedicle.

Then, I grab a plastic bag that is water tight and durable. Some vacuum seal bags do great. I slide it up around the scull far enough to get past the base of the antlers. Now, I wrap tape around the skull to reduce the volume of the bag.

The Euro Wrap

I then take over the counter 0.99 cent bottles of 3% peroxide and fill the bag to the top of the skull and let it sit for a few hours.

After several hours, pour the peroxide into a container so I can use it again and then dry the skull again. This is also a good time to pluck away any additional items that may have been left behind during the scraping and boiling processes.

After it dries, use the same bag and same peroxide and do it again and again until you are satisfied.
Below you can see that the process gets into all the crevices and produces a nice professional result that you will be happy to display and proud you did on your own, AND FOR JUST A FEW DOLLARS!

Euro Munt Result

Not like a pro, but works for my budget and timeframe.

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