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The ASIO line was created with the whitetail treestand bowhunter in mind. Asio’s Raptor pattern camouflage seems to mimic the likes of and owl to help a bowhunter appear as part of the tree he or she is perched in. Paired with woodsmanship, a good wind and silence, your prey will never know you were even there.
They have fast free shipping and free returns so you get the right size when ordering online.
Below are the basics for early, mid and late season set ups.
Early Season - Mid Season - Late Season

See how Asio Raptor Pattern compares to other patterns on the YouTube Camo Showdown or the Camo Matrix.

Asio Basic Early Season Set Up

ASIO Early Season Hoodie

Light, breathable fabric is crucial to those challenging hauls through the woods and hot days in the stand. High temperatures and humidity can knock even the most experienced whitetail bow hunter down and send them home empty-handed. $95

ASIO Early Season Pants
ASIO Early Season Pants

Being a South Carolina company, the early season starts when temperatures are at their peak. Hot, humid hunts are the name of the game and when we set out to create a warm-weather pant, keeping bow hunters cool, dry and comfortable were the features at the top of the list. $129

ASIO Early Season Glove
ASIO Early Season Liner Glove

When you need that extra grip, these lightweight, camo hunting gloves are the ticket. $34

Asio Basic Mid Season Set Up

Midweight Hoodie
Midweight Hoodie

When it comes to whitetail bowhunting, versatility can make or break a hunt. If you’ve ever woken up to cool weather and dressed accordingly but were sweating by the time you hauled all your gear to the stand, then this Midweight Hoodie is for you. $149

ASIO Midweight Pant
ASIO Midweight Pants

Dubbed ASIO's “workhorse pant,” this Midweight Pant is the best you can get when it comes to whitetail bowhunting pants. $149

ASIO Midweight Shooter Glove
ASIO MidWeight Shooter Glove

ASIO RAPTOR CAMO gloves are a must-have for any bowhunter. $49

Asio Basic Late Season Set Up

ASIO Late Season Jacket
ASIO Late-Season Jacket

Asio's Late-Season Jacket is a no-frills-all-function jacket that focuses on the stretch, comfort, and dexterity that whitetail bowhunters need when climbing in and out of tree stands and drawing their bow. $349

ASIO Late Season Bib
ASIO Late Season Bib

Made of noise-canceling, brushed poly-spandex fleece, and printed in our stealth ASIO RAPTOR CAMO pattern, our bib is the crème de le crème of whitetail bow hunting bibs. $329

ASIO Early Season Glove
ASIO Sherpa Lined Windproof Beanie

When you need that extra grip, these lightweight, camo hunting gloves are the ticket. $25

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