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FORLOH was created with this adventurous spirit in mind, for those that believe the journey begins where the trail ends, who seek to venture beyond the known into the unknown.  Forloh Patterns are Exposed and Deep Cover, see how they perform in the Camo Showdown.

Below are the basics for early, mid and late season set ups.
Early Season - Mid Season - Late Season

See how Forloh Camo Patterns compares to other patterns on the YouTube Camo Showdown or the Camo Matrix.

Forloh Basic Early Season Set Up

Insect Shield® UPF Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt
Forloh Insect Shield® UPF Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt

Total protection from the sun with insect protection.
The most technologically advanced warm weather shirt on the planet! NOW with Insect Shield®, long-lasting, effective and convenient insect protection. Insect Shield® repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges without the smell. Insect Shield® protection is built right in and lasts the expected lifetime of the product. $99

Forloh Early Season Pants
Forloh SolAir Lightweight Pants

These lightweight, durable; do-it-all pants are designed to be the warm weather workhorse for hunting, fishing or hiking.

The most technologically advanced warm weather pants on the planet, featuring Forloh’s flagship cooling technology our NEW brrr® Pro. Cooling minerals built into the fibers keeps you cooler immediately upon it touching your skin. Proven in lab testing to keep your skin temperature -3.5F +/- cooler, during and after the rigors of any outdoor activity. $129

Forloh Camo Mesh Cap
Forloh Camo Mesh Cap

Packed with Crypsis Technology™, our Camo Mesh Cap is exclusively treated with Polyigene® Stay Fresh and OdorCrunch, to help avoid detection visually and via scent. $35

Forloh Basic Mid Season Set Up

Men's AllClima SoftShell Jacket
Men's AllClima SoftShell Jacket

FORLOH’s award winning midweight, breathable, waterproof jacket. Voted “2021 Editor’s Choice” by Petersen Hunting, this softshell Jacket has been the ‘go-to’ jacket for our Pro Team because of its comfort, performance, durability and silence. $399

Forloh Men's Stretch Woven Pant
Men's Stretch Woven Pant

The do-it-all-pant, any weather, any terrain, anytime. Part of FORLOH’s multi-award winning AllClima™ range, this mid-weight, 4-way stretch, water-resistant pant with integrated knee pad is FORLOH’s best selling pant.

Featuring articulated knees and a gusseted crotch for comfort and mobility, we double reinforced the seat, knee, side panels, and cuffs to stand up to the sharpest rocks. $229

Forloh Softshell Beanie
Forloh Soft Shell Beanie

The Softshell Beanie is packed with technologies you need to stay warm, dry, undetected and comfortable when things cool down. Never leave for a hunt without this Made in America hat with FORLOH’s first-to-market Airadigm™ Pulse Plasma windproof fabric technology, using recycled polyester treated with Polartec® Odor Resistant for advanced scent control.. $49

Asio Basic Late Season Set Up

Forloh ThermoNeutral Down Jacket
Forloh ThermoNeutral Down Jacket

TheThermoNeutral™ Collection is the down insulation midlayer you have been waiting for. The collection does exactly what it says, it keeps your core warm when you need it, dry from water on the outside and dry from sweat on the inside. $379

ASIO Late Season Bib
Forloh Men's ThermoNeutral Down Jacket

Ensuring that more effective weather protection doesn’t come with a compromise in breathability, the men’s ThermoNeutral™ Down Pant is everything you need for midlayer warmth in the backcountry. It is made using FORLOH’s Perf-Weld™, a unique construction that pairs the superior warmth-to-weight ratio of down insulation with a weather-protective shell that’s actually able to breathe well. $369

Forloh Men's Deep Space Base Layer Bottom
Forloh Men's Deep Space Base Layer Bottom

The Deep Space™ midweight base layer bottom features an industry exclusive called Trizar™, a NASA Certified Space Technology woven into every fiber of this garment before it is constructed. Trizar captures body heat inside the garment and re-radiates it back to the user, keeping you warmer. Trizar also diffuses moisture, moving perspiration out of the garment to keep you dry and comfortable. $99

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