Skre Gear

Skre Gear

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High Quality & Affordable Hunting Gear Designed For All Terrains. Skre Gear offers a lifetime warranty, a VIP size exchange program and easy to pay options. They stand by their gear and back it up. Breathable Material. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Mountain Durable. All Terrains Concealment. Quite In Movement. Most Universal Pattern.   They stand by their gear and back it up.
Below are the basics for early, mid and late season set ups but they have many more fine hunting gear items with great prices.
Early Season - Mid Season - Late Season

See how Summit and Solace Patterns compares to other patterns on the YouTube Camo Showdown or the Camo Matrix.

Skre Basic Early Season Set Up


Hunting late summer and early fall can result in crisp cool temps in the early morning and late evening, with hot temps prevailing throughout the day. The Lost Peak Jacket was designed to thrive in these conditions. Compact and ultralight, the Lost Peak was built for hunters on the go, while also being a great layering piece for long early season sits in the stand. When those crisp mornings give way to rising thermals, the Lost Peak will take up extraordinarily little room in your pack but will be ready for work when the sun goes down.

ASIO Early Season Pants

Built for warm days, steep ascents, and as the name implies, early-season hunting adventures, the Uinta Pant features a microgrid matrix that allows significant air movement and optimal moisture management to thrive. We incorporated dual side vents positioned at the waist to exhaust heat quickly keeping you dry and active. Other features include dual-zippered cargo pockets, in the front and rear keeping valuable accessories safe, secure, and easily accessible.


Featuring Superfine Merino Wool, the IBEX 170 Balaclava was designed around comfort and concealment. Featuring 170 GSM Superfine Merino wool this essential head layer will provide stealth and breathability as you make your next move.

Skre Basic Mid Season Set Up

Skre Hardscrabble Jacket

We bonded a micro-fleece liner to our ultra quiet MTN-X2 face fabric resulting in a hunting jacket that shines in the face of extreme elements, and allows the process of thermoregulation to thrive as you make those vertical ascents. When the thermals rise, reach for the dual pit zips to exhaust heat quickly. The anatomical fit allows for a full range of motion when traversing rough country. If you’re a mountain athlete with big aspirations, the hardscrabble is one camo hunting jacket you must have.

Skre Hardscrabble Pants

The Hardscrabble Pant was designed to conquer unforgiving country and shine in the face of extreme elements. Crafted using MTN-X2 multi-directional stretch technology, this piece was born to excel at providing comfort and range of motion, while facilitating superior breathability and quietness. The Hardscrabble is an excellent all season hunting pant that has been mountain tested for durability to ensure quality for all your rugged, dangerous hunting adventures.

Deadfall Gloves

The Dead Fall Glove was built to keep your hands warm and comfortable while simultaneously providing dexterity for rugged mountaineering and shooting activities. The 100% windproof barrier works in tandem with the micro grid fleece lining to provide ultimate protection from the elements, while the Stretch-Woven shell provides optimal dexterity. The grip traction leather palm makes this a mountain hunters go to glove.

Skre Basic Late Season Set Up

Guradian Bib
Guardian Bib

When the temperature plummets and the snow flies, reach for the Guardian Bib with confidence that you are wearing the best of the best in cold weather gear. The Guardian Bib was designed to make all the difference during those cold all day sits in the stand. $450

Guardian Jacket
Guardian Jacket

When the temperature plummets and the snow flies, reach for the guardian jacket with confidence. It is our warmest jacket, designed with all the features you have come to expect in an extreme all-weather hunting jacket.

Bridger Glassing Mitt
Bridger Glassing Mitt

Whether you are waiting out your target buck in negative temps, or glassing for elk on a windswept ridge, the Bridger has the warmth, comfort, and dexterity you are looking for in an extreme weather glove. Crafted with Primaloft insulation, a waterproof breathable barrier, goat leather palms and finally DWR for an added measure of moisture protection. The Bridger is the perfect solution for late-season exploits.

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